This is my first post here at buckleyourboots, so it’s sorta scary, sorta awesome, sorta…lots of different things!  Please be kind!

I’ve seen a lot of lovely plus size ladies blogging about their fashion and it’s given me the drive to start something up for myself.  I have a track record of being absolutely useless at keeping a blog; over the past decade I have lost count of the number of wordpress, blogger and livejournal accounts I have had.

I do hope I can break my own track record!  This foray into plus size fashion blogging is largely inspired by my finding of the body positive community on Instagram.  Through hashtags such as #honormycurves and #pizzasisters4lyfe, I have found and become a part of an amazing and wonderfully diverse community of women of all shapes and sizes, who are all going through a journey of self acceptance; of loving their bodies and loving themselves.

I have not always been one to really care about what she wears, but I’ve always wanted to express myself through how I style myself.  I never used to have the confidence.  As a bigger girl who was always told growing up that she was “pretty, for a big girl”, I used to try and hide my shape and size.  I never dared to dye my hair, or to wear anything anyway near to being considered something that big girls shouldn’t wear.

You know what I learned in therapy? Shouldn’t is such a dirty word.

Why can’t a wear a skirt because my legs are a little lumpy?  Why can’t I have my arms on show?  So what if my soft squishy tummy offends you?  That’s your problem buddy, not mine.

Over the past couple of years, I have started to tear down the belief system that had been ingrained in me for so long that a big girl couldn’t look good; that a big girl shouldn’t dress in certain ways.

And so, here I am for the first time ever, writing a post in which I talk about the clothes I am wearing.

Photo 20-09-2014 16 02 56 Photo 20-09-2014 16 03 20

So, the outfit I’m sharing today is the one I wore yesterday to go out and spend some quality time with my sister.  She met me in Newcastle City Centre, we went to Starbucks for some yummy coffee goodness, and then we walked up to her place for a while and just chilled.

Some new clothes were recently acquired from Simply Be, including this fab t-shirt.  As quite a big Nirvana fan in my, *cough* younger days *cough*, it spoke to me. I love the floral graphics mixed in with the typography.  I teamed it up for a few older items from my wardrobe. such as the skirt which was a find from New Look last year, and some staple brown leggings, also from Simple Be.

My jacket was originally long sleeved and washed blue denim, but it was altered and dyed for a cosplay I did back in June of Aerith Gainsborough.  It’s an item which has however, found it’s way into my day to day wardrobe.

My trusty old pink Converses finished off the outfit nicely.

Photo 20-09-2014 16 02 58 Photo 20-09-2014 16 03 14

My lovely little sister took the photographs for me, and her cat wanted in on the action at the end!

Photo 20-09-2014 16 03 31 Photo 20-09-2014 18 06 15

Come As You Are.  It feels rather apt, as that’s exactly what I’m doing.

I hope you all liked my first post here!  I shall endeavour to keep it up and share more in the future!

Til next time,

Lindsay x