I’m currently sat on a train to Nottingham. Most days, I work from home but occasionally I need to visit the office. Sometimes the trip can be done there and back in a day, sometimes an overnight stay happens. My trip today is the latter.

For work, I keep what I wear comfortable, but still try to keep an element of style to it. Since I work from home, most days are spent in loose, comfy clothes. I always welcome the chance to dress up when I’m not stuck at my desk, even just a little bit!

Today I have on a tunic, this tribal print number from Simply Be (available here)…


It’s soft and comfortable, perfect for the 3 hour commute half way down the country! It’s also colourful and fun, very much like me!

It’s perhaps a bit oversized; I’m normally a UK 22-24 on top. The 24-26 was too baggy on me. The 20-22 fits much better, and there is still plenty of give. I don’t feel restricted at all.

I’ve teamed it up for a pair of simple black trousers, and black ballerina pumps.

I was having trouble deciding on what accessories to put with it and tried a multitude of necklaces. In the end, I settled on the chain that has been home to my wedding ring as of late; I’ve been having some issues with my hands and fingers which has meant wearing rings has become a bit painful.

Last night I didn’t get time to update the blog like I wanted to, owing to the fact I was packing and getting ready for my trip today. I decided to pop out into town after work last night, mainly to go and grab some stotties from Greggs, but also I wanted to pop into Superdrug to grab some dry shampoo.

My spending didn’t stop there, oops!

I ended up buying a MUA eye palette. I’ve never tried anything by MUA before but the colours really grabbed me, and at £4 I thought it was a complete steal. I plan on having a play around with the colours tonight.

Also pictured is concealer, and a funky looking pencil sharpener that I just couldn’t pass on.

I also popped into B&M’s and found these lovely coasters. The tea lover in me couldn’t resist!


My trip out gave me the opportunity to wear these leggings (available at Simply Be):


They are nice and thick, perfect for wearing in autumn and winter, and the print is just lovely. And, always a big thing…they are super comfy! They get a thumbs up from me.

Here are a few shots of them ‘in action’. Excuse my ucky hair, I was refreshing the colour once I got back home so there was little point in putting much effort in just to go to the shops :-p





There will be more to follow from me today. I have a lovely new dress to wear for the first time tonight. So Til later!


Lindsay x