I had never been to boohoo.com prior to today, but after seeing a couple of lovely plus size bloggers talk about purchases from there, I decided to take a look…

Their 16-24 section was quite extensive and I spent a good while browsing everything, taking screenshots of pieces I really liked. To be honest, a small part of me is sad they stop at size 24; this does somewhat limit my ability to shop there. Although I’m a 22-24 on top, thanks to my ample booty and killer hips, I am a 26-30 on bottom, depending on cut and give.

So, trousers, skirts and the like are probably no goes for me from Boo Hoo. But that still leaves plenty of things that I *could* buy…


…such as this floral maxi dress. I fell in love the moment I saw it, and at just £12, it was a bargain I just couldn’t resist.

I look forward to it arriving in a few days!

Lindsay x