Hello lovelies 🙂

I’ve been somewhat quiet for the past week or so…something I told myself I wouldn’t do when starting this blog. Oops! I do have a reasonable excuse; I picked up a fluey virus thing which led me to miss a couple of days at work, and in general I just haven’t felt good.

I am now pretty much back to fighting fit (for now!) though, and I’ve spending my Friday doing two things mainly.

Firstly, helping my girlfriend dye her hair blue! I’m writing this as she’s in the shower rinsing it now…I can’t wait to see the result! The other thing I’ve been doing today is pack, as we will be descending upon Edinburgh tomorrow for a short weekend away.

I haven’t been to Edinburgh for years and I’m really looking forward to it. I love to visit art galleries so I’ll be checking a couple of the ones around Prince’s Street out. We are also going to Our Dynamic Earth, the Camera Obscura, as well as doing some shopping and general exploration.

We will be on our feet most of the days we are away, and on the move. So the outfits we choose need to be functional as well as look good!

Here are my choices.

Outfit 1:


The buckled grey dress was gifted to me by my girlfriend as she can’t wear it due to allergies (it’s wool). I’ve showcased the leggings that I’m teaming up with it on the blog before and they will keep me nice and warm. The dress is really rather short so I am a little worried about showing off mah bum, but since the leggings are thick, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Outfit 2:


The top is another girlfriend gifted piece that I’ve taken to calling the ‘school teacher’ top. Which is actually pretty accurate since that is what it was originally bought by her to be! I’m teaming it up with the flowery shorts I got from New Look in the summer.

Outfit 3:


ANOTHER gifted item here, this time from my long distance boyfriend. It’s the t-shirt he wore when helping out at a convention in Vancouver. I’m teaming it up with one of my favourite things to wear this past summer, the high waisted denim shorts from New Look, and a cute scarf from Primark.

I think I’m well prepared for my weekend away, with outfits that will hopefully look good but also fit the bill in terms of comfort.