I’ve been a little MIA recently, to the point that autumn has came and pretty much almost disappeared again.  Oops!

So prepare for a bit of blog spamming, as I catch up with some of the things I’ve wanted to post here but for whatever reason, I haven’t found or made the time.

Firstly, a follow on from my last post where I shared the outfits I was taking with me for my trip away to Edinburgh.

That trip was nearly a month ago now; how time flies!  I just wanted to share with you how the looks all came together.

Day one:

Photo 18-10-2014 23 07 21

Day two:

Photo 19-10-2014 09 56 58

Day three:

Photo 20-10-2014 22 10 03

I was really happy with all three of my outfits, and I had a blast north of the border.  I already want to go back…and to buy more clothes to wear while I’m there! :-p