I couldn’t help myself.

I signed up to Marisota and very quickly managed to spend money.  Oops?

I am a huge fan of Joe Browns.  My girlfriend introduced me to their clothes and yeah, I never really looked back.

I ordered this beautiful dress, currently on sale here.


This dress is so….me!

Floral print? Check.

Skater? Check.

The fact that it’s on sale wasn’t exactly something to be sniffed at either like!

Also from the Joe Browns range, I ordered this top:


Alas this one, available here, is not on sale.

The detailing on this piece is exquisite, truly.

Finally, it was going to happen at *some* point.  November and December can only mean one thing…christmas jumpers!

I found this beauty and I couldn’t resist…



Available here.

My only concern with this is the sizing; it comes in 20/22 and 24/26 (UK); normally on top, I’m a solid 22 to 24.  I decided to take a chance and order the 20/22 as being a jumper I’m hoping it’s designed to be a little baggy.  I guess we shall see once it arrives!

The only bad part of buying clothes over the internet?  Having to wait for your items to arrive!  I shall attempt to wait patiently.

Til next time,

Lindsay x ❤