I’ve been a very bad blogger and have been neglecting my poor little blog!  Something I seek once again to change.

To start with, since I don’t have anything new right now to really flaunt, I thought I’d go for a round up of outfits worn over the past few weeks.

Outfit 1: The new Joe Browns dress

My gorgeous friend Megan has totally got me into Joe Brown’s clothes, and in particular their dresses.

In this previous post, I spoke of a dress I had ordered from a Marisota sale.  When the package arrived, I was very shocked to find a monochrome number, rather than the red dress I had ordered.  Still, I couldn’t resist trying it on….and I loved it.

The dress is available from Marisota here.

IMG_2803 IMG_2801

IMG_2800 IMG_2799

IMG_2798 IMG_2797

IMG_2796 IMG_2795

I ended up altering the shoulders slightly due to the fact I’m rather small chested; it was a little baggy across my bust and neckline.  It was nothing a few stitches at each shoulder couldn’t fix however.

I kept accessories extremely simple; one of my thin waist belts, and black leggings and brown boots.  No jewellery; I wanted the dress to speak for itself.

Outfit 2:

Wilde is a ‘Writer, Designer and Unicorn’ from Melbourne.  I couldn’t resist this awesome tee from her 2014 ‘Some Kind of Wonderland’ collection.  Her shop is closed at the moment while she travels Europe, but I am sure that when she ‘opens her doors’ once again, we will be treated to some more utter awesomeness.

IMG_3099 IMG_3097

IMG_3095 IMG_3096

IMG_3098 IMG_3101

I teamed the tee with a pink and blue aztec print skirt I got from New Look about 3 years ago, some black leggings and my trusty pink converse, which bless them have seen better days but are SO comfy!

I also wear this headband I got for Christmas a few years back…with my hair in bunches I think it looks adorable!

Outfit 3:

I was doing some Christmas shopping at the K&Co website, and could resist a peek at their dresses.  I’m terrible I know!  Anyway, that’s where I fell in love with this dress by AX Curve.

IMG_3736 IMG_3734

IMG_3733 IMG_3731

IMG_3728 IMG_3720

IMG_3721 IMG_3722

IMG_3723 IMG_3726

IMG_3718 IMG_3727

The scuba material feels lovely. The dress is very form fitting, which I love.  I found that every so often I would have to hitch the skirt down a little, but it wasn’t distracting enough to warrant me not keeping it!  I posted the pictures of me in the dress on Instagram and the response I got was extremely positive, to the point that I influenced the lovely Leah from Just Me, Leah to try the dress and she blogged about it here.

I’m not used to sharing photos of me sitting down when I show off my outfits, so that particular picture was a challenge for me to add to this entry.

To compliment the dress, like with the Joe Browns dress above I didn’t wear jewellery, deciding instead to let the dress shine.  I teamed it with black leggings, black boots, a thin waist belt, and the orange bag picked that I picked up at a charity shop for a purse busting £4!

Outfit 4:

This is my christmas eve outfit.  After work I was meeting my hubby to go down the pub for a spot of lunch, so I pull out an old favourite of mine.

I got this in a Simply Be sale ages ago for £15, and its been more than worth the money I paid.

It is also extremely form fitting and shows off all my lumps and bumps.  When I very first got it, I was very very insecure and put off wearing it out of the house for a long time.

Embracing body positivity and learning (slowly!) to love all the parts of me that I previously felt so extremely concious about really turned my point of view about this type of dress around, and now when I wear this dress I feel fearless and confident.

I teamed it up with trusty brown leggings, black boots, and my bright bright red hair! :p

IMG_3783 IMG_3784

IMG_3782 IMG_3780

I will try to be a good blogger going forwards, and keep on top of sharing my outfits with you all!

Til next time,

Lindsay ❤