Yesterday I went shopping in Newcastle with Megan, and spent some unexpected monies!  Next week I get my bonus from work, so it isn’t all bad, I’ll just have to take the sum off that when it comes in.

I popped into Primark to make an extremely exciting purchase of socks. Well…I bought the socks, and some more things as well.

Being a size 22-28 (22-24 on top, 26-28 on bottom), Primark for clothing is very much usually beyond me.  Sometimes their size 20 t-shirts are generous and I can get into them.

I spotted a lovely sort fluffy pink cardigan which isn’t designed to fasten, so I tried it on and fell in love.  It is so SO soft; it feels like I’m wearing a hug.

Here I am in it:



IMG_4386 IMG_4387

IMG_4388 IMG_4389

It’s warm, soft and comfortable.  What more can you really ask of a cardi?  Being pink, it will also match up nicely with a considerable amount of my wardrobe.

I also picked up some accessories while I was there.  Firstly, these two scarves…

IMG_4396 IMG_4394

 IMG_4395 IMG_4393

I’m a sucker for pretty prints.  The bright pink and navy flowery one cost £4, and the softer pink butterfly one was on sale for £2.

also found these pug gloves…


Just…how awesome are these!?

I also found myself in LUSH.  Oops.


The bath bomb, Floating Flower, is new, and so heady with jasmine.  The moment I gave it a sniff I knew I had to have one.  I love the smell of jasmine.  It conjures memories of India in me; I went there with my work back in 2007 and every evening I would get back to my hotel room and find a bundle of jasmine on the pillow.

The shower gel, Prince Charming, is only available in the run up to Valentines Day.  I discovered it just last year, and was very upset when I eventually ran out. Rose Jam, another LUSH shower gel which is only sold at Christmas, is similar but not quite the same.  Smells for me evoke such strong memories, and this reminds me of being in Vancouver. Not because Vancouver, or indeed Canada, smells of Prince Charming (that would be silly! :-p), but because I used this shower gel right through my visit there.

I also acquired some Henna for when I decided to dye my hair next.  Cacao Marron to be exact.  I haven’t used it before so I can’t really say much about it yet….but I will when the time comes!  It should, hopefully, make my hair a lovely reddy brown.

I also picked up some of my favourite fresh face mask, Cupcake.  Here I am looking extremely babely with my face smothered with it!  My skin felt amazing afterwards, although today I can feel some spots breaking out.  I suppose that is the point of a face mask after all!


I wore one of my new scarves and pug gloves on an outing into Chester-le-street today.





Outfit details:

  • Dress: Simply Be, size 24 (no longer available, around 2 years old)
  • Coat: K & Co, size 24 (no longer available, I think I’ve had it about 5 years or so now!)
  • Leggings: Simply Be, size 28 (can be found here)
  • Scarf and gloves: Primark as discussed above

Although you can’t see it, I assure you I am also wearing some of the new socks I actually went shopping for to start with!

Til next time,

Lindsay x