As I have likely mentioned before, I am a dedicated pizzasister4lyfe.  I found the hashtag on Instagram mid last year, joined the fun, and never looked back.

For those who are not aware, the pizzasisters4lyfe are all about 3 things, self love, body positivity, and of course, pizza!

One of my fellow sisters decided to arrange a meet up in London for any UK pizzasister who wanted to attend.  At first I thought to myself, being north east based, that I couldn’t possibility attend.  But then, niggles of what if started to worm their way in, and I considered that maybe, just maybe, I actually could.

So I went to the Megabus website, and looked up ticket prices.  To get two overnight buses would cost me a grand total of £13, with a 50p booking fee.

Decision made…London baby here I come!

I was left with a massive dilemma…what on earth would I wear?

As it is, Friday 23rd January was my pay and bonus day.  I had arranged to get my hair cut, and decided to hit the shops for a new dress.

I acquired this dress from New Look, on sale for a very very reasonable £11.

Floral Print Mesh Skater Dress

On the hanger, I must admit I wasn’t blown away with this dress.  But I thought the neckline was interesting, and the print is definitely up my street so I added it to the items I picked up to try on.

I fell in love immediately with it once on.  The fit was perfect.  I love a skirt with a little bit of kick out, and this piece does that perfectly.  The material feels good on the skin; and the neckline is very interesting with the mesh.  I was worried that too much of my bra would be on show, but that wasn’t the case.

Once I picked up the dress, I headed to the hairdressers and lost around half of my hair.

Just look at it all on the floor!


Oh my it’s sooooooooo red!

One hair cut later, I looked like this:

IMG_4548 IMG_4553

I love my hair at this length.  I especially love how it sits above my shoulders at the back.


So, I arrived in London at 7am on Saturday 24th, tired but ready to take on the day.  Here I in the toilets of Victoria Train Station (classy to the end!), changed into my outfit.


IMG_4582 IMG_4581

I teamed the dress up with the following items:

  • Skater Dress: Size 24, New Look, £11 (on sale here)
  • Pink Fluffy Cardigan: Size 20, Primark, £12
  • Black Leggings, Size 26, Simply Be, £8 (available here)
  • Black sneakers, Size 8, Primark, £7

I had an amazing time in London.  I met 5 of my sisters and we went for pizza, of course!



I didn’t get home until 9am on Sunday morning, and promptly crashed for a few hours into a deep sleep.  I had an absolute blast though and would happily do it all again!

Here I am at 5am in McDonald’s in Newcastle city centre, waiting for the first bus back home on Sunday morning. For 5am in the morning, I don’t look too bad!


Til next time,

Lindsay x