So, I’ve realised that I’ve done the very thing I swore I wouldn’t do with this blog; I’ve been slacking.  And I think a part of the reason is just that, as much as I have come to love taking an interest in clothes and fashion, my lifestyle by it’s nature means that dressing up isn’t something I do on a day to day basis.

To put you squarely in the picture, my day to day, 9-5 job is a one where I sit at home all day in front of a PC, emailing and speaking to people on the phone.  I spend a lot of my time in jogging bottoms and t-shirts/vests.  Not exactly the height of fashion! :-p

So, I’ve been thinking of ways that I can shake up my blogging habits; generate more content whilst trying to maintain the core theme of the blog; plus size fashion / style, and body positivity.

To that end, I’ve decided to post snippets each and every day, based around the following themes:

  • Music Monday – What I’ve been listening to and enjoying
  • Treadmill Tuesday – Tuesdays are my day to go to the gym, so an update on how my fitness journey is going
  • Wishful Wednesday – Shiny and pretty things that I am coveting
  • Thoughtful Thursday – Because I post my throwbacks on Instagram
  • Foodie Friday – Because I love food
  • Selfie Saturday – Because you will NEVER get tired of mah face…a selfie, just for the blog
  • Silent Sunday – No words, just a picture

I am also going to try and remember to post a regular Instagram round up; so much of my output is to Instagram so it makes sense that I reference it somehow on the blog.

The daily snippets and IG round ups will be accompanied with posts of similar nature to the ones I’ve already been posting.  I hope that this will allow me to create a much more well rounded blog that still has a core theme, but will allow me to deviate from the core.

Wish me luck with maintain motivation to keep up this new routine!

Til next time,

Lindsay x