So this is irony. My first day of doing the new snippet posts, and I’m actually skipping the gym. Why? Because I have pains in various places and I don’t want to aggravate them.

My right knee has been hurting since yesterday; I have no idea why. I also have a pain in my right side that has been kicking around for a couple of weeks.

And….my hands are really bothering me today. I’ve never mentioned it on the blog before as its not been pertinent, but I am having problems with pains and tingles in my digits. I’m in the process of trying to get to the root cause with my doctor.

I actually just had blood tests done last week to check for anything rheumatic. I haven’t heard back so I have a reminder set to make an appointment tomorrow if I don’t get a call. I will have to mention my knee and side at the same time.

Since I haven’t got anything fitness related to post, here is a round up from Instagram of my last few gym visits…

Til next time
Lindsay x