I’ve been into the Yours Clothing store in the Metrocentre here in Geordieland a few times, but the only thing I’ve ever actually bought were some leggings, and they put me off buying anything more.

I have very thick thighs and to be honest, it can make buying trousers of any description from anywhere quite hard. I generally get my leggings from Simply Be; their size 26 is normally plenty generous for even my thighs.

I didn’t find the same at Yours. The one pair of leggings I did buy from there were a gorgeous teal colour (which is what attracted me; I wanted some colourful leggings but SB just didn’t have anything that appealed), but the fabric was thinner than I was used to from SB, and the fit was much smaller. A size 28 was too tight on my legs. I think, if memory serves, I opted for a 30, but even then, I had to constantly hike them up throughout the day; they just didn’t want to stay up over my ample behind. I could only wear them with longer dresses for that reason.

So, like I said, it put me off trying anything else they had to offer. Which was wrong of me. Knowing I always have trouble with anything for my lower half no matter the outlet, I regret being so quick to judge them based off one experience.

So, for my first Wishful Wednesday, I decided to have a look at the Yours website. As I tend to do, I found myself making a beeline for the dresses.

These ones caught my eye:





On payday, one or both of the sale items might just end up getting bought. I think my favourite of the bunch is the dress with the front zipper. I love the idea of the zip being at the front, and the print is just so me! And it £15, it’s a steal.

Trying to step a little outside of my comfort zone, I also looked at their denim range.

I love jeans. But jeans do not love me. Once again, it’s down to my legs. On one hand, my thighs often mean that some jeans are just too tight and I’m often not able to get them past my knee.

The other issue is my left leg. When I was 13 I fell over and hurt my leg (for anyone who knows Newcastle and the old HMV on Northumberland Street, I tripped on the stairs at the bottom of the escalator down into the basement where (back in the day), they kept the singles). The swelling….never went down. Basically I retained fluid and I’ve just lived with it ever since. Doctors have always been reluctant to suggest anything (other than losing weight).

Here a picture of the bump that in a way, makes a second knee:


Skinny and straight leg jeans don’t mix very well with it. Bootcut can look okay. If possible though, I always prefer a wide leg Jean.

Do you know how hard it is to find wide leg jeans? It’s ridiculously so! Sadly, Yours did not prove to be an exception to the rule. I did however spot a couple of items I would like to give a try:




I have never worn jeggings, something I would like to change.

The boot cut jeans are nice and simple, which I think is something every wardrobe needs (and mine is seriously lacking!).

And the harem pants? Well, I can either see them going one of two ways. I would either hate them with a passion, or fall so completely in love that they are the only thing I ever wear again!

Maybe one day, I’ll have to splash the cash and find out.

At this point, I stopped looking at clothes before I started to do more than just look!

Til next time,
Lindsay x