This week I’ve been in Nottingham to work, so I’m playing a little bit of catch up!

Being away from home, I didn’t get to the gym as I have been trying to do.  But I did make sure to pack my new bikini so I could go swimming.

I went on Monday evening, and pushed all my worry about what people might think aside and totally rocked that ‘kini.


I felt amazing afterwards; full of energy from the swim, and full of confidence and pride that I was brave enough once again to do it.

Every time I wear a bikini, my confidence swells just a little bit.  It gets easier, and you do learn to realise that most people don’t give a hoot what you’re wearing because they are so wrapped up in their own things.

Realising this, I have learnt to realise that I’m happiest when I dress for myself, rather than anyone else.  And it shows in how I carry myself; my stance, my walk, how I hold my head high.  In my smile.

It is honesty a revelation that I wish I had years ago.

This wasn’t meant to be a post about dressing for yourself!  It is supposed to be about getting fit.  Well…I exercised!  Swimming is such a good exercise, and I definitely felt like I worked my muscles well; it’s been a while since I’ve swam.  I’m pleased I packed so I could make use of the facilities.

Next week, I will be back in the gym though.  Determined to push myself towards a higher level to fitness.  Slowly and sustainabley.

Lindsay x