43 days ago, I took a day trip to meet the wonderful and talented Julie (Bequirkybeyou). She approached me to ask if I would be willing to model for her, in a shoot that would include tasteful, artistic nudity.

I thought it through, and I decided to say yes.  I saw this as an opportunity to push past my comfort zone, and to be a true test of my body positivity journey.  Could I handle the prospect of my naked form being on display for all to see?

Only one way to find out!

I went, met Julie, we chatted for a while and then we got down to business.  I was nervous, but I did it, and came away from the experience feeling amazing.  Julie made me feel so comfortable…even with nothing on!

She contacted me yesterday to let me know that one of images from the shoot has been chosen to be exhibited in Blackpool this weekend!

Julie sent me a photo of the photo on display this morning, and I couldn’t be more happy and excited if I tried.  I was worried that once I saw it, I might feel anxious or negative about it, but I totally, utterly don’t! 

With permission from Julie, here is that photograph.  I am a little scared to be posting this, but do you know what, as you can see here it’s already on display to the world.  And Julie’s work is brilliant and deserves to be seen.  Seriously, check her out! 

It was an absolutely pleasure to work with her, and I really hope to do so again someday.  Julie, I am forever grateful for the opportunity you gave me to do this. 


Image credit: Julin Mullin / Bequirkybeyou