The “new start” that I said would happen in my last post never did, however I am off work this work (YAY!) so I figure this might be as good a chance as any to get myself back on track.

I think that perhaps a new posting schedule needs to happen; everyday is just too ambitious. Oops?

I’m looking at a 4 day schedule now, which is as follows:

  • Monday – This is remain dedicated to music, because….Music Monday!
  • Wednesday – What I’ve been up to Wednesday.
  • Friday – Fashionable Friday.  New clothes (or one’s I’m coveting), OOTD’s, and the like
  • Sunday – Silent, and full of selfies!

Maybe this new schedule will help.  Maybe not.  I’m proud of everything I’ve poured into this blog so far; it is by far the most committed I’ve been to one.  Which is rather funny when I think about how patchy my output here has been been, lol.


Since it *is* Monday, I think I’ll take this opportunity to post what I’m listening to right now.  Michael and I had a bit of an altercation yesterday.  The argument is over and we are all good, but yesterday he presented me with a playlist that he put together just for me.  I asked him why, and he said it was to “say sorry”.  Oh gosh bless him!  I told him there was no need and we were okay, but he said he still wanted to.

To my lovely husband, music that makes him think of my is from the 90’s, and all sang by female vocalists.  I can’t say that I disagree with him….the list is absolute perfection to me.  Black Eyed Boy by Texas is playing as I type this and I’m singing along very loudly.

Here is the full list:


Thank you Michael.  I love you darling ❤