We are only five days into September, but already I can feel the change in the air.  So today, even though autumn hasn’t technically started yet depending on who you ask (the equinox is on the 22nd/23rd September), I decided it was time to start dressing a little bit more for autumn.

I haven’t bought any new autumn clothes so far this year, so I had to work with what I already have, and pretty much most of the outfit were pieces I have had a good long while.


The black dress is a one that I have had for years.  When I bought it, I actually regretted it almost straight away, and I hid it at the back of the wardrobe for years!  I thought it didn’t suit me at all.  Over the past couple of years however, I rediscovered it and developed a new-found love for it, especially in autumn teamed with leggings, boots and a jacket or colourful long sleeved top on the underneath.  I don’t recall where I got it from to be honest; possibly Kay’s.

The long sleeved top was acquired from Evans about 8 years ago!  I use it in autumn and winter for layering.

The leggings and boots were bought this year from Simply Be, so aren’t quite so old!  The leggings can be bought here but the boots I couldn’t find on the site so they must not be available anymore.

The belt was borrowed from my housemate and bestie Megan!  She bought it last year I believe from EBay.

My earrings are at least a couple of years old.  I think I got them from New Look.  The necklace was a second hand find from a market stall in my local town of Chester-le-street and it cost me the grand total of £1.

I really liked how everything came together with this ensemble and it is something I will be wearing again (or some iteration of) while autumn is with us.

I completed my look with another thrifted find; this cute little handbag.  I found it in a charity shop a couple of years back and it only cost me £4. It’s a Red Herring bag from Debenhams and even now, has barely any wear and tear.  The detailing and colours are absolutely gorgeous.

I got Megan to take a snap at me at the bus stop this morning, on our way to go and meet the wonderful Charlotte for coffee, breakfast, and a catch up!

(We also selfied!)

We went to Costa for toasties, coffee, and cake! 🙂

Charlotte got an absolutely adorable fox biscuit!

(And of course, we selfied!)

We had a lovely time with Charlotte and we really need to meet up with her more often!   After a quick pop into a couple of shops, Megan and I headed home, and much to my horror not long after we got back, one of my cats decided to pee on my leggings!

One quick change later, the grey leggings gave way to my bright pink ones instead!  My cat is in the dog house, haha!

I retook my outfit picture and got Megan to pose with me!  Like me, she’s wearing a dress that she’s had for a good long while.  Hers is from Joe Browns, she reckons about 6 years ago.

I love the print and colours.


What’s your favourite thing about dressing for autumn?  It is the colours, the layering, the accessories?

Till next time,

Lindsay x