Last Friday night was my first proper “night out” on the town in a long time, and I took that as an excuse to treat myself to a new dress.  I mean, any excuse, right?

I had seen a couple of people on Instagram who had either bought or tried on this dungeree dress from the new Sprinkle of Glitter range at Simply Be:

I wanted this dress, and indeed, this dress was acquired, however this isn’t exactly what I would call a “sat at the bar, sipping on a cocktail” number.  No, something else was required for my Friday night on the tiles.  Which meant, a second dress.  I shall now attempt to feign some upset at that for you:

Convincing?  I thought not! :-p

Sticking with the Sprinkle of Glitter range, I opted to order this dress:


It arrived, and I excitedly tried it on.  So, my impressions?

First, let’s talk about sizing. To give you an idea of how big I am, on top I am generally a UK 22-24.  Being able to get into 22 is something I usually attribute to being rather small chested for someone of a bigger build.  On bottom, I am anything from a 26 to 30 in trousers and jeans.  This is in no small part due to my hips and butt.  Dresses and skirts I normally get in a 24 if there is either ample skirt, or ample stretch.

So, not knowing what the skirt of this dress would be like, I ordered the 24 and 26.  I tried the 24 on first, and I didn’t need to touch the 26.  The top of the dress is a very true to form 24; it fit me perfectly…well, as perfectly as any fitted dress will.  Because of the considerable asymmetry between my breasts, necklines on me are never perfect.  This dress does allow for that quite nicely though; the inside of the neckline is lined for a depth of about 1 1/2 inches so if the inside of the neckline does become visible, you see the print of the dress still.  It’s a small touch but I was very impressed with it, and it made me much happier with the £55 price tag.

Anyone with a considerably bigger chest than mine might have to size up; I wouldn’t say this is super snug on me, there is definitely space for more boob, but not a lot.  My friend and housemate Megan tried the dress on (see below) and describes her boobs as “fitting, but feeling flattened.

As for the skirt…there is more than enough of it to go over my ample behind without having to size up and risk the top of the dress being too big.  Also….it has pockets! Perhaps it was in the description on the website and I just missed it (I checked again and couldn’t see it mentioned), but this was a complete surprise to me, and a pleasant one at that! We aren’t talking little pockets that can barely hold anything, these are proper, deep, fully functioning pockets. I was very impressed.

The reason I selected this dress was very much one of aesthetics; I love the pattern and colours. Pink is so often my go to colour.  The back of the dress was also a factor; I wanted something that would allow me to show off my new tattoo!

I feel really good in this dress; really really good. I dressed it up with a sparkly necklace I got from New Look earlier in the year, and wore some simple black leggings and boots with it. Ideally, I wanted to wear some tights with it, and I actually ordered some from Yours Clothing, but sadly they didn’t fit. I got them on, but they were just a little bit too short for me. They needed to be about 2-3 inches longer, so the crotch of the tight actually sat at my crotch. I didn’t want to risk ripping them while I was out so I stuck to my trusty leggings.

I didn’t let that slight disappointment get me down! I felt amazing, and had a really good night out with friends.  


Til next time
Lindsay x