I originally posted this to what was originally going to be a new, separate blog just for all things of a tea and geeky nature.  I’ve since decided to stick to just having the one blog, so I am reposting this here.


I moved out of Newcastle city centre and south into County Durham back in 2013.  This was the same year, it turns out, as the Brothers Quilliam opened up their teahouse in the heart of Newcastle city centre.  Which probably accounts for the fact that I didn’t visit their establishment for the first time until just a couple of months ago, more than 2 years after they first opened their doors.

I had been meaning to visit for a long time prior, but life, and, rather shockingly and embarrassingly, the ease of your well established coffee chains on the main shopping streets had just kept me away.

Well, they say good things come to those who wait…

Last Saturday, I thought it was time to introduce my husband to the tea houses’  Saturday breakfast menu.  Having eaten there on a Saturday morning before, I was well aware that to avoid disappointment, it is best to arrive nice and early, so I dragged Michael out of the house practically at the crack of dawn to get there for 9am opening!

Being a teahouse, of course the main focus at Quilliam Brothers is on the tea, as it should be.  Their menu (available to view here online) boosts a range of around 60 different teas to choose from.

I had a hankering for an Oolong so asked for the house blend.  Sadly they were out however our server recommended the Apple Crumble Oolong.  I was a little unsure, but since I operate on a policy of “I’ll try anything once”…I decided to give it a try!  Hubby opted for the house breakfast blend.

My tea came with a side of honey.  I tried it both without and with the honey and although the tea was lovely both ways, the honey really did compliment the Apple Crumble flavours of the blend well.

My husband had nothing but praise for the breakfast blend that he had.

The Saturday breakfast menu features some egg dishes that are served with their own “custom stotties” instead of the usual English muffins that you would normally expect.  It’s a small touch, but it’s a knowing nod to the north eastern location which I personally find endearing.

I stuck to what I knew; the Eggs Benedict.  Made with a duck egg, and ham of what I can only describe as amazing quality, I was not let down.  At £5.95, it’s not the cheapest breakfast on offer, but the quality of the grub makes it worth every penny.


Obviously, this was not my first visit to Quilliam Brothers, nor will it be my last.  So perhaps I am biased in saying this, but I cannot recommend a trip here enough.

The teahouse is good, and as such, presumably popular!  I attempted to grab a table with my sister on a weekday afternoon just two weeks ago, and there was almost a queue out of the door, and we were told it was around a 40 minute wait for a table.  Being thirsty and impatient, on that occasion we ended up in Starbucks instead.  I think this is a testament to its quality and popularity though!  So maybe, head there early to avoid disappointment?

I took a couple more snaps to try and capture the aesthetics, including the rather fabulous spoon chandelier!

Website:  http://www.quilliambrothers.com/teamenu.php

  • Open: Monday to Saturday; 10am til Midnight (9am Opening on a Saturday only)
  • Lindsay recommends: Eggs Benedict (the hollandaise sauce is pretty special; Saturday breakfast menu only)