Over the last few weeks, I have found my depression and anxiety worsening.  This has seemed to conveniently coincided with the onset of the shorter days, of the world still being dark when I awake up (and also when I finish work).

It may just be complete coincidence, but I started to look into Seasonal Affective Disorder as it had been suggested to me as a possible cause, and I researched some of the ways I could go about treating my symptoms.

As S.A.D can worsen already existing depression and anxiety, I decided a review of my medication was in order.  One visit to see my GP later, my dosage of Sertraline was doubled from 50mg to 100mg daily.  It can go higher than 100mg (someone commented to me on Instagram saying they take 200mg) so if needs be, there is further room to increase further.  As it is however, so far so good…I can see a marked different on 100mg.

I also looked into acquiring an alarm clock that featured a timed light up feature to simulate dawn.  In the end, I ordered myself this one:


Find it here on Amazon

I paid just shy of £90 for this alarm, although it is currently selling at £65 in the Black Friday sale until Friday 25th November.  Even at £90 however, this was money well spent in my opinion.

Prior to using this clock, I was struggling with waking up in the mornings.  My work shift starts at 8am (I work from home), and whereas my alarm goes off at 6:45am so I have time to myself before I sit down and log on, the dark mornings and the way I’ve been feeling have both had me reaching for the snooze button again and again.

I’m barely a week into using the new alarm clock. but the difference in unbelievable. Every morning since I started, I’ve been out of bed by 7am.  My mood has improved has as well.

I call that a win!

Here’s some pictures of the lamp in situ:


 (Jenny decided she just *had* to get in the shot!)

I’m still struggling with sleep, waking up through the night.  Do you suffer from S.A.D?  Do you have any coping mechanisms that you’d be happy to share with me, either with getting improved sleep, or managing your mood during the darker months in general?

I am over the moon with this lamp and based off it’s performance so far, would highly recommend it to anyone who struggles with dark winter mornings.