If you are reading this, you will know that it’s been a long time since I posted to this blog.  My drive to blog has been low as of late…as has my drive to be active on social media in general.  I am still active on Instagram, but it can’t deny that I am not as engaged as I once was.

I was chatting to Michael, my husband, over the weekend, and I was expressing to him how I feel like I don’t manage to find a lot of ‘hobby’ time.  I enjoy painting and drawing but the arts in general are something I am wildly out of touch and practice with.  I used to enjoy spending time coding (very amateur indeed) my own webpages.  My desire to be active in the body positive community as an activist has waned since I hit my bad mental patch this time last year.  I love to play board games, and it is the one thing that I still actively do, but it is a group activity and I want something to do for me.

In my pondering over what I could do to get myself going with something again, and found myself thinking about my recent attempts to bring more fruit and vegetables into food.  I have found cooking to be an enjoyable task recently, and when I eat out, I already find myself taking pictures and sharing food online that I enjoy already.  So I started to consider whether to start blogging again, with a focus on the food I prepare, the food I eat when out and about, as well as drinks.  We all know I have an unbridled love of tea!

I gave it a few days thought, and the idea has stuck…so here we go!

Last night, we (meaning myself and Megan), made a curry mix from Rafi’s Spicebox.


The curry mix instructions are easy to follow, and make the most delicious food.  When you choose your mix, it is made to the level of spice you want, and is put together in put of you.  All the spices you need for your curry are included, and the combinations are as authentic as they can possibly be (Rafi’s is a family run business, opened by Rafi from Hyperbad in India.  Rafi passed away in 2013, but the business is still run by her two sons).

We made the Mas Paretal curry with diced lamb, peppers and chickpeas, and these ingredients took on all the flavours beautifully.  We will definitely be having this mix again!

If you have a Rafi’s Spice Box anywhere near you (a list of shops and stalls can be found on the website), then I fully recommend giving their curry mixes a go.

And…I hope you stay with me as I journey on this new blogging adventure.