(Before I start….or should I say continue; this has sat in my drafts half finished for weeks.  I made this whilst Megan was on holiday in June, probably about a month ago.  That tells you a lot about my motivation levels to actually complete the post.

Here goes nothing then, lets get it finished… )


I made lasagna, and it was yummy.

To start, I sliced a leek, diced an onion and two stalks of celery.  Mushrooms were also sliced in readiness for use later.

I sweated the leeks, onion and celery, adding a pinch of salt at this stage, and then added crushed garlic.  The mince followed that, and for a ‘lighter’ take on a lasagna, I used turkey mince rather than the usual beef.  The mix was cooked until the meat sufficiently browned.

Mushroom and trusty value chopped tomatoes followed, as well as Italian seasoning and salt and pepper.

Once the sauce was cooked through thoroughly, thus began the construction of the dish of deliciousness.  I pre-bought a white sauce for quickness, so the layering began.  The end result was three meaty laters.

I put some sliced tomato on my side of the dish as well as some cheese, and in the oven it went for 35-40 minutes at 180c/gas mark 5.

I was very happy with the outcome!  Micheal seemed to enjoy what he had too 🙂