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This Mothers Day… — March 23, 2017

This Mothers Day…

This Mother’s Day weekend, I would like to ask that all parents remember that a child’s love for you is not a right; it is a privilege.

The relationship between a parent and a child is a one built on mutual respect and trust. In their younger days, your children will depend on you for everything and no doubt their love will be unconditional. As they grow, if you mistreat your children, they will soon learn to understand that maybe you don’t care for them in quite the way you should, and you may eventually find that their love is no longer as unconditional as it once was.

Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, can be particularly painful for people who have tried to become parents and so far been unable (be that through conception, adoption or otherwise), parents who have lost children (be that due to miscarriage or passing before their time), people who have lost their parents, never known their parents or, if they have had to remove themselves from a relationship with one or more parents due to the toxic nature of the relationship, or abuse of some kind.

(List not exhaustive.)

Your children are precious. Their love is precious. On this weekend when everything focuses on you, the mother, please remember that not all of us have parents to lavish affection on, and/or not all of us have our children still with us to share the day with. Please continue to be ever grateful for what you have, and treat the love of your children with all the reverence and tenderness deserved.